About Us

ERGONBUILD as a concept was perceived by a team of three construction professionals with extensive experience in management, design and construction on a large range of commercial and residential projects. To date, the company has undertaken and completed projects throughout Greece and the UK.

ERGONBUILD consists of a broad team of professionals, including designers, engineers and site managers who combine knowledge and expertise in different areas of construction, thus covering the multifaceted requirements of each project. With experience in efficient construction solutions and constantly investigating new design trends, we offer our clients modern design ideas, using new building materials and efficient development models.

The operational model of ERGONBUILD is based on carefully setting out the targets for every project, always in conjuction with the client. We tend to analyse and identify our client’s requirements at the earliest stages of design and constantly monitor their efficiency throughout its lifecycle.

Thanos Koutroulis
Civil Engineer
+30 6932 909728

Elias Prezerakos
Structural Engineer
+30 6944 253085

Dimitris Xytas
Structural Engineer
+44 7442 384548

Giorgos Tsatsos
Project Coordinator
+44 7527 939193

Athina Prezerakou
Associate Architect
+30 6946589896

Christina Zacharouli
Structural Engineer
+30 6944 956116

Ilyas Shaz
Operations Associate
+44 7533 501583

Leon Halegoua
Supply Manager
+30 693 7007966

George Tsalagiorgos
Project Coordinator
+30 6947 775985

Irene Stergiou
Electrical & Computer Engineer
+30 6936 857010